Vanotex NV
Filliersdreef 43
Industriezone nr. 8
Tel: 0032/9 386 43 63
Fax: 0032/9 386 95 62
For over 30 years now, Vanotex has been active in the business of recycling production waste from the textile industry.

The company was set up in 1975 by Frans Van Overschelde and his wife, Christiaene, and now, already more than 25 years on, it is being run by his sons, Jef and Tom Van Overschelde.

The main activity comprises unravelling or pulling mainly synthetic (PP, PES, PA, etc.) production losses from various branches of the textile industry:
    Needle felt Tuft
    Weaving mill Mattress industry
    Yarn industry Fibre producers, etc.
The end product is a fibre geared to the customer's desire.