Vanotex NV
Filliersdreef 43
Industriezone nr. 8
Tel: 0032/9 386 43 63
Fax: 0032/9 386 95 62
    Both managers are on the work floor everyday. Quality is constantly followed closely.
    Contact with the suppliers and customers is also assured by the business managers: direct contact prevents misunderstanding.
    The two modern production units guarantee optimal quality.
    Flexibility: with our own transportation and modern machinery, we can respond very quickly to the wishes of the supplier and the customer. The supplier of the waste doesn't need to store its waste for as long which means it also takes up less space. The customer can count on timely delivery: thus it can keep its stock limited.
    Vanotex offers ready-to-use batches: thus the customer no longer needs to rely on several suppliers and products.