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Over time, the emphasis of our activity has evolved to cover unravelling or defibering.

The waste is first cut. The cutting machines are equipped with metal detectors so that the raw materials remain free of any metal contamination.

The cut waste is then taken to large blending chambers. These have a capacity up up to 6,000 kg so that a constant blending quality can be guaranteed.

From there, the raw materials are taken to the pulling machine to be unravelled to fibre stage.

This process can be adapted in several ways to offer the precise pulling grade for every specific fibre.
We have two separate production units. Recently manufactured machines (from 2000 and 2003) ensure optimal quality.

Thanks to these modern defibering machines, the production loss is kept to a minimum. This means that the dust development during pulling remains within the norms.

The end product is immediately pressed into uniform, packaged bales.